Top 10 best Breweries in Oregon

Following is the list of top 10 Best breweries in Oregon –

1. 2 Towns Ciderhouse

It is the best in the breweries section. Its address is 33930 SE Eastgate Cir Suite E, Corvallis, OR 97333-2271. 2 Towns Ciderhouse has a 4.5 star rating having 43 reviews. It usually starts from Tuesday to Saturday noon from 12 PM up to 6:00 PM. During the Christmas holidays, they usually remain open from November 11 to December 23. Most of all the couples and singles who visited this Brewery have given amazing reviews.

2 Towns Ciderhouse goal is to have damn fine cider. Their aim is to produce best cider from the Northwest abundance of beer and brewery resources. Northwest not only has that but also provides superior brewing quality and standards. They do lots of innovations with enthusiasm and love for it. 2 Towns Ciderhouse take care of the choices of  customers regarding serves and tastes or flavours of beer. They offer a number of flagship ciders. Also offers a variety of new, seasonal and experimental brews to the public’s taste buds. And a large portion of people love to try and taste the brew. They invite many people to their new tap room. So that the public can have the opportunity to try their gorgeously made ciders directly from the original source.

2. Rogue Nation Brewery & Spirits

Rogue Nation Brewery & Spirits has a 4 star rating having 399 reviews. It provides facilities for a pub and restaurant as well.  It usually opens from Monday to Thursday, Sundays and the timing is 11am to 8PM. But for other days of the week it is 11AM to 9PM. This pub has Yaquina Bay at its nearby location. It is an attraction spot where visitors enjoy and experience Guided Kayak Tour. Tourists from nearby attractions come here for their relaxation. And they have lunch, dinner and taste the amazing beer flavors.

Its address is 2320 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport, OR 97366. Locals and tourists visit this Brewery and have given them an excellent remark in the reviews. 

3. Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery has a 4 star rating having 194 reviews. Its address is 901 SW Simpson Ave, Bend, OR 97702-3118. It usually opens from Monday to Sundays the timing is 12 PM to 6 PM. Their production facility is in Bend,and Oregon. Also their tasting rooms offer complimentary samples.  They have the resources like pints, snifters of cider and beer to offer for sale.

When you have your visit at  their plant or company they give you a real glimpse of the production history from initial days. They provide knowledge about their history, culture and overall details of it. 

People have given them excellent reviews.

4. Arch Rock Brewing Company

Arch Rock Brewing Company has a 5 star rating having 40 reviews. Its address is 28779 Hunter Creek Loop, Gold Beach, OR 97444-9626

It usually opens from Monday to Friday at 11AM to 6PM. Only on Saturdays the timing is different, that is 11AM to 5 AM. On Sundays they have a work holiday. Public who visited this Brewery company has given them excellent reivews.

5. De Garde Brewing

De Garde Brewing  has a 4.5 star rating having 33 reviews. Its address is 114 Ivy Ave, Tillamook, OR 97141-2214 It is the one and the best breweries in the Tillamook area. Public has given them excellent reviews. This spot feels like a hidden treasure. It has an incredible modern atmosphere and the beers are amazing in taste. The delicious farmhouse beers are an invigorating thing from the standard contributions de Garde is an essential stop in Tillamook.

6. Pelican Brewing Company

Pelican Brewing Company has a 4 star rating having 309 reviews. Its address is 33180 Cape Kiwanda Dr, Pacific City, OR 97135-8012. It usually opens from  Monday to Sunday at 11AM to 10PM. It has been organized and its initial operation took place in 1996. This company is the thirst of three friends who love beer. So they gathered knowledge about beer and breweries and founded Pelican Brewing Company. It has an iconic beach in the front of the restaurant and its brewery.  Here, guests are welcomed with beer-inspired cuisines. Also serve award winning beer, front row seats to all the action at Cape Kiwanda.

7. The Better Living Room by Ninkasi Brewing

The Better Living Room by Ninkasi Brewing has a 4.5 star rating having 124 reviews. Its address is 155 Blair Blvd, Eugene, OR 97402.  It usually opens from  Monday to Sunday at 12PM to 7 PM. Local and nearby wanders have given them excellent reviews. The atmosphere here is like a picnic spot. The serving tables are covered with a huge umbrella and the sitting area is very spacious. They have parking facilities too. 

8. Lookingglass Brewery

Lookingglass Brewery has a 4.5 star rating having 9 reviews. Its address is 192 SE Main St, Winston, OR 97496-6565. People have given this brewery an excellent review. They serve great delicious beer. They have great facilities and services. It is a pet friendly brewery.  It usually opens from  Thursday to Saturday at 2PM to 8PM. And only on Sundays it’s working time is 12PM to 6PM.

It is a nano brewery located in beautiful Lookingglass in Oregon. In April 2016, they opened a taproom in Winston of Oregon. They initiated with 8 beers on tap. They brew such beers which are blonde ale,two pale ales, a brown ale, two IPA’s, a porter, and a raspberry red ale. Here, you also get served with cold and hand-crafted beer. They also brew seasonal ales occasionally.

9. Thunder Island Brewing Co.

Thunder Island Brewing Co. has a 4 star rating having 194 reviews. Its address is 601 NW Wanapa St, Cascade Locks, OR 97014-7003

It usually opens from Wednesday to Monday at 11AM to 9PM. It’s no working day on all Tuesdays of the week. The beer here is prepared with handcrafting and in an innovative way. It is an adventure based small batch brewery. They make original beers and produce pure quality handcrafted beers. From 2014, they started serving food and made it available for all age groups for brewpub.

10. Uptown Beer Co.

Uptown Beer Co. has a 4 star rating having 194 reviews. Its address is 6620 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton, OR 97223-7166. Public loved this brewery and have given excellent remarks. It usually opens from Monday to Sunday at 12PM to 10PM. This shop cum company has a bottle shop, tap house and brewery with all craft beer.

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